Sunday, November 16, 2014

Celebrating Wendy

I was so excited to throw this baby shower for my sister. I began prepping for it for weeks. 
Luckily she wasn't picky about what she wanted so I did whatever I wanted to on the planning. 

I went all out making banners, chalk painting everything and making sure to get every detail just right. 

I have to admit that we had the best food spread. My sisters and mom sure pulled through for me. 

So excited to put up this welcome sign for Wendy and Baby. 

Wendy had such a great turn out. It was so touching to see all those people there that loved her. 

 And they were so generous. She received so many sweet gifts. It was so nice to see that outpouring of love. 

She was so cute sitting there with her big belly opening gifts. I really am so excited for their family having this baby. They have been through a lot in the past losing their last baby and so I was so so happy to see her happy and excited. She sure deserves it. 
See, I was happy. 
(My cousin secretly took this picture of me)
Speaking of my cousin, It was the first time I got to meet her little boy. I hadn't met him in his 4 months of life.
 Obviously we had to put these three together. 

And Lastly
Wendy and I were remembering when we were younger and how we accidentally took the funniest photo without realizing. It looked a little something like this...about 12 years ago. 
I love you Wendy! So excited for you and your family.