Friday, July 15, 2016

My Jensens and Me

While Amy is away fulfilling her church callings, I get to be with the Hoard while she is away and Trent is at work. Oliver is in heaven this week, the babies are indifferent and I enjoy hanging out with these guys.

First things first. I am not going to let the change go by of sitting out on their deck in the mornings with a bowl of Fruit Loops and a good book. If I lived here, I would start every morning just like this....and maybe end every night. 

Nap time was probably one of my favorite times with the girls. The babies would go down for a nap, the boys would be inside playing some video game and us girls would go out side and sunbathe (the girls wore sunscreen of not that bad of an aunt).
The set up that these girls had was perfect. It was their own little cabana right in the middle of Bountiful

Oakley came up with the idea to play "servant". She was great to bring us drinks and crackers and I made sure to tip her every time.
Later in the week when the boys saw how much fun we were having being outdoors in the middle of summer, they joined us. We ended up playing truth or dare which turned out to be so dang funny. They said that I was in charge of asking the truth or dare questions. A few dares that they did (and didn't do) were:
Eat popcorn with an ant on it.
Eat a strawberry stem
Lick the bottom of a flip flop
Eat bark
Eat grass
lick the grill
Lick a rock
Eat popcorn (that was a tough one for Aiden-as you can see)

I realize that the only dares that I could come up with were to eat or lick something. I'm not very creative at coming up with dares, but the kids really enjoyed it. Oakley and Aiden were the winners.

Oakley and I spent a lot of time together (The girls had a soccer tournament and were gone a lot) so Oaks and I hung out. She came up with the idea to have melted Hershey bars and strawberries and it was divine!

The whole week we were trying to get Aiden to cut his hair and finally on one of the ladt nights that I was with them, he agreed.
We had a little fun as we buzzed away.
But in the end, This haircut was what he wanted (Ronaldo from Basil). I can't believe Trent let me cut it like this. Aiden loved it and I think it suits his crazy little personality.
Some people may find it hard to believe that I love spending time with these kids. I've done it since they were babies and since my babies were babies so we just all work well together. I call them my kids because they pretty much are and they call me aunt mom because that's pretty much what I am to them. We have similar parenting styles as Trent and Amy which works wonderfully. Our kids know what to expect and we all are under the same understanding. I really do love these kids like my own.