Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Hiking We Will Go

Bright and Early at 6:30 we headed out to make it to the trail by 7. We were so surprised that there were already tons of cars up the canyon.

It was a tough hike. A steep 3.4 miles up. Luke carried Milo on his back the entire way. Trent helped me after 1.5 miles and the rest of the kids did awesome!  
 The hike up was so worth it. This was the view of the lake at the top. I could have stayed there all day. I think we will have to make a special camping trip here.
 Our group! Just missing our Amy.
Can you spot five kids below?

 I really hope that our kids love the outdoors now and when they get older. There is nothing like living in Utah with that backdrop as your playgroup.
 We stayed up there for a little while, ate lunch and let the kids enjoy the place.
 The hike back down was brutal on the feet and quads. Oliver was complaining that his feet hurt the moment we started going down so I was worried that it would be a very long hike back. Fortunately, with Luke right behind him, he toughed it out and made it just fine. Trent was so kind to take Briony all the way back for me. Its probably a good thing. I would have probably fallen on my face.

The site of this bridge was a beautiful sight. It meant that we were so close to the finish.
All the way back to the cars, the kids took turns seeing what it was like to carry these babies. 30+ pounds is a lot of weight when you only weigh 20-30 pounds more.
 After the hike, we treated the kids to some Slurpee's, went home and took the longest nap ever. Oliver and I were sore for the next couple of days. Going down stairs was a bit tricky.

I was so impressed with these kids for toughing it out. I really didn't think we would make it to the top, but when you have a great support group like we did, there should have been no question that we couldn't do it.