Monday, June 13, 2016

The Museum House

For Aunt Tami's life celebration, we went up to Jackson hole. One of her friends hosted a luncheon at her home. This home was very peculiar which is why we names it the museum house. It was completely full of western odds and ends, random body parts hanging out of furniture and some really cool antiques. Every time we went in to see all the displays, we found something new to look at.  It was bizarre, yet really entertaining.
I couldn't get enough of this place. Milo was just happy to be with Cade. Luke found a portrait of a long lost relative and we played can-you-spot-the-real-people-in-the-room game.
There was even a breastfeeding mannequin. Have you ever seen an actual breastfeeding mannequin?
Despite the unexpected loss of Aunt Tami, it's still nice to get together as a family and laugh.