Saturday, June 11, 2016

Up to the Geyser

We Headed up to Wyoming this weekend to attend aunt Tami's Funeral. We decided to go up a couple days earlier to make it a little more exciting for the kids.

Today we went on a little hike up to Swift Creek where the geyser is. I was very impressed by how fast the river was flowing. A little scary with so many kids, but it was pretty awesome to see that roaring river.

Briony has been sticking her tongue out in photos lately, so I decided to join her. Love her spunk!

 Love taking these little kids with us....but I can't wait for the day when we don't have to carry an additional thirty pounds on our backs.
Grandma Holly with the grandkids. She is the best!
(Also, I think Oliver is about to sneeze)
 Playing once we got up to the geyser. The water was so high that the geyser was completely full and therefor not going off like it normally does.

Who is that kid going crazy in the background???
If you happen to be in Afton, Wyoming and want to breathe in that fresh mountain scent but not have to hike in five miles to get it, I highly recommend Swift Creek!