Monday, May 30, 2016

Luke, Luke He's our Guy...

For those of you that don't know Luke, He is a low key-easy going- not make a big fuss- kind of guy. So just as in years passed when I have asked him what he has wanted to do for his birthday, he says the same thing "Just be with my family."
A few days before his birthday, he made a request to spend part of it with his sibling-which I'm happy to oblige since I love hanging out with Luke and his siblings. The four of them together are hilarious! We even has the pleasure of having their family friend, Lynn join in on the action. For this outing we headed to REI and followed that up with a delicious dinner at  The Training Table.  

(And True to Cade form, there he least half of him. ;))

On Luke's Birthday, Briony and Milo and I headed to the local Bakery and bought enough doughnuts for him and his whole office to enjoy. Luke being born is a pretty big deal and we think his work buddies should kinda know. Plus they get a delicious apple fritter out of it.

Later that night we headed out to Ogden to take the kids bowling complete with pizza, breadsticks and as much sprite as their little bellies could hold. Oliver had been begging us to go bowling since Christmas (parent fail), so to say he was excited was an understatement. Bee and Milo had never been, however they picked it up pretty quick and oh my gosh how cute are they in their little bowling shoes???

 Later came the gifts. Luke isn't one to hand you a list of things he wants to be showered in (like me...), and so I knew that when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he wouldn't say much. So in true {spoil the ones I love} form, I got him a manly Weber grill that I had been hiding at Amy's house for weeks. We couldn't wait to give him his presents. Amy gave him that baby bag full of grilling tools. Behind that tiny Luke smile was an excited ready to grill, Luke. We busted out the grill that same weekend and had a delicious BBQ all in honor of this man we love.