Monday, May 9, 2016

Mama day

Today started out so so good. Luke let me sleep in while he got the kids up and changed. Milo was the first one to run into my room. I pulled him up into bed with me and we snuggled and I held him close to me until he got curious about something else and wanted to get down. As he was running down the hallway, Oliver came out of his room, they hugged each other and then Oliver walked right into my room, hopped on my bed, gave me a great big hug and said " Happy Mother's Day". My favorite part about all of this is that he wasn't prompted by anyone, he did this all on his own and it was my favorite. Bee came running out of her room and when she heard me call out to her, she giggled and ran away even faster. Stinkin girl!

Luke quickly got to work in the kitchen making an incredible breakfast complete with cinnaburst French toast, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns and orange juice. It was delicious!! 
Then came the spoiling. The kids all bought me potting flowers! And Luke really surprised me with new Birkenstocks and bubble gum ice cream. Spoiled!! 
After church we went to Larry and Hollys to wish Holly a happy Mother's Day and give her a gift {chatbooks}. 
Later that day my whole family came over for dinner. We had hot dogs and hamburgers, played just dance, laughed a lot watching the kids dance, particularly Oliver and ate dessert that was cheesecake and fruit cookie cake. It was so good 
We have gifts to my mom and she loved it. I gave her some of my favorite books that I was able to find for her in Spanish {The Red Tent & Wonder} along with a Baskin Robins gift card. Simple but perfect for her. I also gave my sisters and mom a dish towel like I did for primary and had all the kids write a message on them. They were a hit. 

I loved being with my family tonight. And loved celebrating the important role of motherhood with moms and sisters. Being a mom has been the role of a lifetime and I am so grateful to my mom for raising me and always being there for me. I only hope I can be an amazing mom to my sweet children and have the close relationships with my children like I have always dream about. Sometimes it may not be easy being a mom, but man it is so worth it!