Thursday, May 5, 2016

I had a Birthday

Well, another year has come and gone and I don't know what I have to show for my past year-year 32. It wasn't an awesome year, it wasn't bad either, it was just a year. I had pretty great moments like going on trips with my family and friends, but I feel like I could have done more. Was it a year wasted? I gained more weight, I didn't get a ton accomplished on my never ending home projects, but I was happy and happiness has to account for something. Right? 

So this morning I woke up thinking that I am going to strive to make year 33 better. Do more, be more, see more and maybe weigh less. 😊
First thing was first. I hadn't been on my bike this year and so we got the threesome together to go for a stroll. 23 miles later and I was spent and already felt the soreness setting in. Can anyone say vagagony!?! Ouch! 😩 But it really did feel so good to get out and ride. I felt more comfortable on the bike this time and I love being with these ladies. Kim always has the best stores and Amy is always fun to be with. 
Thirty-three! Yeah! 

Amy and I only had about 15 minutes to clean up and head out to have lunch with our husbands. Crown Burger was fantastic, everyone was in good spirits and this was exactly what I had in mind for my birthday lunch. 
Later that night we had dinner with the Jensens-carne asada, refried beans, guacamole dip, tortillas and sangria. It was delicious. After much discussion, we settled on watching the movie 'Faults'. It was weird, but entertaining. I realized that this was the third year in a row where we have spent my birthday night at Trent and Amy's watching a movie and it was perfect. 

My friends any family were so kind mans generous with the gifts they gave me. My friends the Maudsleys know me so well and gave me the cutest bag of goodies of my favorite things. My friend Camila gave me a fancy bar of soap (I love fancy soaps) and a magical dish cloth (perhaps a post of my favorite new things later). Luke bought me a new running watch and I can't wait to break it in. My mom came by and brought me an ice cold can of coke and gave me some spending money. My other friend, Lisa brought me the cutest little succulent plant for which I have found a new home for on my favorite shelf in my living room. Amy gave me a PMD which is something I've been wanting for months. I was so surprised. I was also sent numerous text, face book messages and comments of well wishes for my birthday. Funny how those little greeting make a big difference and make you feel so important. 

And there it is. The first day of my 33rd year. It's going to be a good one as long as I keep working at it.