Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A blessed 2008

Here are some exciting (and maybe not so exciting) things that have happened over this past year that I never blogged about...until now....

I became 1st counselor in the YW program back in February.

Prepared for the arrival of a baby.

Created a little nursery.

Discovered a new kind of love and art for photography.

Fell in complete love with my little family.

Became someone extremely important.

Re-kindled old friendships

Spent the last year I'm ever going to have with Luke as just "Kim and Luke"

Experienced the most mix of emotions I think I ever will all at once...scared, nervous, excited, confused, paranoid, fearful, happy etc.

Became 25 and loved it!

Went down to St. George for a "girls retreat". Luckily, Luke got to go too.

Blessed our little Oliver.
Went up to Wyoming and had a great Thanksgiving.

Celebrated our 4 year anniversary!

Here's to what was a great 2008 and hopefully a fine 2009!!!!


Amy said...

Great post Kim! I love all the things you said. It was definitely a big year for you guys! I am glad you have that cute little chunky boy and can't wait until he gets big enough to wrestle with my kids!

Eliza said...

I seriously *heart* the pictures of you, Luke, and Oliver. I am honestly jealous... I wish I had someone to take fantastic photos like that of my little family.

I wonder what 2009 will have in store for your family? It looks like 2008 treated you well, just as you deserve. :-D

Karina said...

HA! Love the rhyme... you are so cleaver. Hooray for getting some pictures of oliver in his blessing outfit, and a very good one I might add!!! Such a good post, I loved it!! I wonder what 2009 holds for you??? Maybe another baby?!!?? You never know!!!