Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Girls night out!

Last night some of us got together for a girls night out. First we went and ate some good food at Rumbi Grill and then we went to see the movie Twilight-and it just gets better and better the more I see it. Thanks to Amy for putting it all together and for having a birthday so that we can go out and celebrate!

Amy, Holly, Aunt Rauna, Heidi, Loree, Emily and Me. Jill joined us right before the movie.

Everyone squeeze in...that means you too, Holly.

Thanks again, Amy. It was such a fun night!


Amy said...

I still love that last picture! Thanks for coming last night, it really was fun! And I really like the movie!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

I spoke with luke the other day and he was right Oliver is a moose. He is huge. I love his bald head.

Looks like a fun couple of days.

Jenna and Brady said...

cute hair! I thought I was brave...