Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ode to Oliver

Oliver turned 4 and I can't believe it. Seriously, I have shed a tear or two because he is just growing up so fast.
Here are a couple of things about him that we love and maybe a couple of things that we don't love but I will still tell you about.

* Oliver Loves Hot Chocolate in the mornings. He always asks to watch cartoons and for his hot chocolate which is Milk and Nesquick first thing in the morning.
*Learning his colors is not his strong suit. He struggles and struggles no matter what we try. He does know green because that's the color of his room, Hulk and his favorite blanket.
* Oliver has been sleeping with the same green blanket since he was little. There is a soft side and a not so soft side to the blanket and he will let you know if you put it on him wrong with the soft side not directly on him. He also rubs the soft side on his lips as a soothing mechanism.
* When we are having a tickle fight and he has no way to defend himself he manages to put his pointer finger in his mouth, cover it in spit and wipe it on you where ever he can touch you. Usually it's on my face and I let him go.
*He does not like to eat a lot of meat.
* He loves Mandarin oranges
*He loves taking bath/showers especially with his Super Hero's
* His best friends are his cousins. Mainly Andrew with Jack at a close second.
*He makes the funniest little facial expressions when he is trying to be silly.
* He teases people by calling the "hot dogs"
* He snores
* He is not so great at going to fact, he hates it.
* He is scared of spiders and although he likes to see other insects, he wont touch them. Must get that from me.
*He still has big fat feet that I love to squish and tickle
*He loves watching Netflix. Mainly the Fred movies, Super Hero Squad and now Power Rangers.
*He loves reading books and scriptures at night. His current favorite book is "Too many Toys".
*He says the sweetest prayers at night all in which he asks to be protected multiple amounts times, to play nice, and to nourish our bodies.
* After going poops, He yells as loud as he can "Wipe my bum please!" We need to get him to wipe his own butt soon.
*He LOVES Halloween. Recently when we drive in the car he says "Mom, let's talk about Halloween."
*He usually goes to bed about 9 PM and wakes up at 8. He has always been such a good sleeper.
* His favorite treats are the Life Savor candies that are strawberry apple flavor. He calls them the "white circles".
* He loves to wrestle with Luke. He could do that all night if we let him.
*If you were to ask him what his favorite food is, he'd say Noodles. Yep, Ramen Noodles. Great parent here.
*He loves camping
*He loves watching movies
*He can be one stubborn grumpy little turd, but on the flip side, he can also be the most loving, sweet and cuddly little boy around.
*At night after we tuck him in, we have a little ritual where we both say to each other "Guess what? You're. My. Favorite!" followed by "Sleep good" and "I love you."
*He loves going to pre-school and runs out every time so happy. We love Mrs. Eggett.
*He hates getting his nails cut which is unfortunate for him since nail growing is his super human power.
*Currently he loves Star Wars fruit snacks, Capri Suns and cheese for snacks
* The other day he said "Mom, guess what? When you get baptized, the Holy Ghost comes out." Luke and I were surprised by him when he told us that. We think he may think the Holy Ghost is a scary thing.

And there you have it. I'm sure there are many more Oliver-ism that I just couldn't think of at the moment. We feel so lucky to have this little man in out lives.