Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Color Run

I've been running for a few years now. Never once has Luke ever wanted to run with me...until I told him about this "race". It is The Color Run.
It's pretty much a 5K of a chalk fight so he said "okay!"
I signed up as the team captain and we ended up having 21 people on our team. Best part? our team name, New Kids on the Chalk!

Sadly, the day came and I chose not to do it because I ran another race that I got a free entry for and a chance to win an awesome prize...but I didn't win and was sad in the end that I didn't run with Luke.
Anyway, back to the race. Holly ran in my place and once I was done with my disappointing race, that I might add wasn't even a full 5K, I met up with the group for a little fun.

Love this picture of Luke and Holly.
 The Veigels in the sea of chalked up people
 Look at that blue head.

 Luke ran this race in his Chacos and even brought his chalk bag to fill up with chalk at the stations. What a smart man.
 Luckily I had changed out of my running shoes and into flip flops, but then this is what happened. A muddy, chalky mess.
Luke said that he loved it and would do these kinds of races again. He still thinks I'm crazy for running just for the sake of running.
And finally the Veigel group.
*picture stollen from Tiffany.

Next year, I'm so there. And with Oliver too.