Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lake Mead 2012

Last weekend we were able to get away for the weekend and extend our summer just a little more by going to Lake Mead.
Our friends, the Kitchen's invited us to stay with them at their family home down in Logan dale (aprox. 30 minutes from the lake). It was two full days at the lake and it was all so much fun to be a part of.

This is where we parked for the 2 days.

Oliver just wanted to be on the boat the entire time. He didn't want to ski or tube. He just wanted to ride in that boat.

Luke was so much fun to watch and be with on this trip. This was just his thing.

Since I am so accident prone, I was more nervous than Luke, but still had a blast.

And then there were the Professionals. These guys were so fun to watch. Top to bottom, Left to right we have
Tiffani, Becky, Bret, Karen, Amanda and Jeremy. I didn't get a picture of Captain Dan, but I know he's good too.
One of my favorite things from this trip was watching Luke in the Tube....and his many faces.

And we had a couple battles. I quickly learned that the longer you hold on, the rougher they get with you. After 3 times, I was done.

Jeremy vs. Brett
 Tiff vs. Kim
 Amanda vs. Emma
Joshua vs. Luke
Joshua vs. Brett
And a few more shots of the trip.
On the first day we had to rescue a cute couple from the Netherlands, Patricia and Bart, who locked their keys in the car when they got out to take a quick picture by the lake. It took a few phone calls and a few  hours to finally get someone to where we were to unlock their car and be on their way.

We also enjoyed some great food, lots of laughs, hang out at the house and making new friends. And a huge thank you to the generous Kitchen family for inviting us and making this trip possible.



linds said...

lukes many faces is my favorite set of pictures. so awesome!

Mandagirl said...

Oh goodness! Looking at these pictures make me so happy! Especially the tube battles. We had such a good time and I loved getting to know you guys. I think we'll have to do that again. (hint hint, Kitchens)

You are so good at documenting with pictures. I took a whopping 4 photos. Hope it's ok that I copied off the ones here.

Brett And Tiffani said...

I love all your pictures! you do a great job, just like Amanda said! You guys know you are welcome anytime when we go, you just need to make sure you come! I need you to email me a few, or put them on facebook. I love that one of you and me with our heads together and when we're on the tube. So fun!