Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Party

This past Sunday we had our annual pumpkin carving party. We always look forward to this and I think it gets better and better each year.
When we were younger, we were always so excited to get pizza for a weekend dinner or for a special occasion. That was, until my mom would pull out a huge pot of potato soup. We knew the rule was that we had to eat 1 bowl of soup before we got any pizza and we hated it. I remember all of us kids complaining about it. In the end, my parents only had to buy one pizza for the 6 of us because we were so full of soup.
This year as we were planning the party the potato soup story came up. We all had a good laugh about it and I even admitted that sometimes I want potato soup when we get pizza. So that is what we decided to do for dinner. We ate potato soup, bread sticks, BBQ wings, pizza, Carmel dip with apples and skeleton cupcakes. This time around, no complaints.
Wendy made the coolest little cupcakes. They were a hit!
 And then the pumpkins. The kids all chose their pumpkin and started the de-gutting process.

And then the carving. Some of us were better than others at this part and some were just down right scary with a knife. 


 All of us posing with our finished pumpkins.
Jonny: The Quasimodo pumpkin
Spencer: Narrow face pumpkin
Oliver: Both have the same mouth pumpkin
Wendy: The I'm-going-to-eat-your-boob pumpkin
Lilia: Didn't make a pumpkin but had a pumpkin made after her
Jack: "The Pumpkin King" for having the biggest pumpkins
Luke: Another Look-a-like pumpkin
Kim: The My-pumpkin-didn't-turn-out-so-I-had-to-carve-a-little-one pumpkin
Kat: The coolest/biggest pumpkin award
Kenzie: The What-is-that? pumpkin
Ethan: The it-started-out-as-the-cutest-pumpkin-but-quickly-turned-into-mess award
Tayten: The strictly scraped pumpkin
Taleesha: Best over all pumpkin for being so dead on with it looking like Lila
Kade: The puking pumpkin-only because that's what he did most of the night...luckily not IN his pumpkin.
Phia and Ashlyn: No pumpkin pumpkins

Already can't wait to put this together for next year. Growing, carving and displaying the pumpkins are one of our favorite parts of Halloween.


Amy said...

Serioulsy love all the names of your pumpkins. And now I want potato soup, pizza, caramel and apples....