Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The gospel is true, families are forever and we love St. George

This weekend we decided at the last minute to drive down to St. George and spend Conference weekend there. And I'm so happy we did.
We left on Friday after work which is never a great idea due to all the traffic. We usually make sure that Oliver goes to the bathroom right before we walk out the door, but somehow failed to do so this time. So, as we were driving into Utah County, we heard a small voice say "I have to go potty". There was no way we were going to pull out of the carpool lane in traffic to take him to the potty, so he peed in this little bottle.

And I think he really enjoyed it. What little kid wouldn't??? He then asked if he could play with his bottle of urine. I had to draw the line somewhere, so I said no.

After a quick 4 hour drive, we arrived and so glad to have made it to our Happy Place (St. George).

That morning I got to go running with my Father in Law. Call me a weirdo but really, since that passing of my own dad, I think Larry is the next best thing and I'm so happy that he is such a great father figure to me. I felt like it was a special moment.

Oliver enjoyed looking for Lizards on the rocks.

Luke was nice enough to watch Oliver out. He took him to the Crack (pioneer Park) and others joined in on the fun.

 Val and Jared's first time through.

And they all played around the park.

Meanwhile, This is what I was doing with Amy after a little bit of shopping...

Hitting up happy hour at Sonic, which we had no clue about and then took about 10 different pictures to get the "right" one to post on Instagram.

After the priesthood session, we all met up to have some delicious Thai and Sushi at Benjas.

 Oliver especially loved this because he got to play with "Magic Beans" and use chop sticks for the first time ever.

We also finished the 1000 piece puzzle that we started working on back in January. That sky was killer.
And spending time with family is the best...
 Although maybe Sue didn't think spending time with OUR family was the best ;)

We also enjoyed listening to conference of course...the parts that we caught. I'm not going to lie, I'll have to go back and read the talks, but what I caught was excellent and what a more relaxing place to do that than in St. George.


Eliza said...

Haha, I'm glad we're not the only pee in a bottle family out there during car rides. Boys sure make that issue easy.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time in St. George!

linds said...

haha, sue. that picture kills me and i love your comment.

Marco y Haydee said...

jaja I'm going to have to read conference too. I was having too much with Melani.

Heather said...
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