Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Actual Birthday

Oliver turned 4 years old on September 12, 2012 and I never documented it.  As I was going through my small(er) camera, I found all the pictures from his actual day. I'll have to post this in the correct order (of date) on my blog, but just for the record, I forgot, so here's the post.

I decided to take the whole day off sot hat I could spend it with him. I took him to our favorite breakfast place in the morning. His request was chocolate waffles with whipped cream. Don't know where this came from, but they whipped it up for him even though it wasn't on the menu and they topped it with real whipped cream. I took a bite and it was fantastic. I may have to order this in the future.

After Breakfast we headed home and started to get ready for Oliver's first day of Preschool. How fun is it to go to the first day of school on your birthday?

We gathered all of Oliver's favorite things and bought treats so we could share this with his class.
We brought his Avenger's guys
Baby pictures
Family pictures
Strawberry/Apple Life Savors
and doughnuts.

The kids loved it.
When we got home we were surprised to find gifts that had been left for Oliver at our door and sweet birthday cards in the mail. Thank you to those that thought of Oliver on his special day.
Later that night he got to open his presents from Mom and Dad. He was so excited about this part. And I love that Luke always wraps our presents in blue prints. Really, I do.
He loved his new toys
We think Luke did too...