Friday, January 4, 2013

Bring it on 2013

So happy to have headed down to St. George to bring in the new year like we have been doing for the past 5 years. 
As usual, we stop at the gas station to get special traveling treats a long the way. Funyuns have always been my traveling chip and now that love has been passed down to Oliver. "Funyuns are awesome!"
I have really dropped the ball when it's come to taking pictures ever since I got my new phone with a decent camera. These were all the pictures I was able to take.
This year we were looking forward to putting puzzles together. I think in total we assembled three 1000 piece puzzles. It was actually so much fun to work on these throughout the course of the trip.

We loved playing the dance game and Holly was nice enough to play with the grand kids. She's got moves!
Amy I broke away from the groups to spend a little time in Vegas. The main reason was to eat at Raising Canes. It was fantastic and we even had a mini photo shoot afterwards. Oh and we did some shopping, but really not all that much.

We loved being down there to ring in the new year, but when a home emergency came up, we had to cut our trip short and head home on new years eve to be with family.
When we got home is was snowing and we were hungry so we headed to Jason Deli for our new years eve celebration dinner. My brother was having a new years eve party so we decided to go to that since we didn't have any plans.
We played some volleyball and dodge ball and with one minute left of 2012, we ran outside to scream and shout and kiss and welcome 2013!
It was a wonderful end to 2012 and a happy welcome to 2013.