Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 This past weekend, I was able to take care of the Jensen kids while their parent headed to Sunny St. George to run. We made sure to pack this weekend with as much as we could so that we would all have a good time.
To start, we had the boys soccer games. It was so much fun to watch these boys play and to cheer for them in the stand. I love going to sporting events and I can't wait until I get to go to these things to watch Oliver.

 Luke being the genius and fun uncle that he is, set up an American Gladiator course in the play room for the kids. We all got in on the fun and this is what we played most of the weekend.
Look at these tough gladiators!
 For dinner one of the nights, we took them the The Pizza Pie Cafe. They loved it! They all ate really well and we didn't hear one of them complain. Aiden even ended up eating three plates of spaghetti.
We did a little bowling. The kids did great and they were dancing the whole time. The people in the next lane were so impressed with the kids dancing skills, they even complimented them. And who doesn't love some black light/loud music bowling.
 Since they didn't have school on Monday we headed to the empty school to go sledding. We would sled from the very top of the hill and sled all the way down so that we would hit the building. It was awesome. We lasted a couple hours.
 After staying up late watching movies every night, these kids were exhausted. In Church that Sunday, these boys were out.
And after a long even filled weekend, I was happy to have my sister-wife back home. I see now why Trent and Amy has been blessed with all these kids. Very few people could do what they do and do it as well as they can. I am grateful for these kids, they are like my own and I'm so happy that I can be a part of their lives.


Amy said...

You guys are the best baby sitters. They are lucky to have you as Aunt and Uncle! And I am lucky to have such a cool sister wife.

PS. I think I looke like I am dying of cancer in that pic....