Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This past weekend we had the opportunity to hang out with the Jensen's up at their family cabin. In previous years we have gone without kids, but this year they all came along and it was fun to have them up there.
Before going up, we stopped to get some food at Cafe Rio which was much needed. It was no secret that I was a monster because I was so hungry so this stop made me very happy.
Party of 10
 I didn't take a single picture the whole time I was there so I couldn't show you how funny it was to pull Oliver 2 miles up a mountain on a sled. He had his head lamp on and acted like we were his horses telling us not to stop and that he even needed to rest his legs. Trent came to pick us up on the snowmobile once they had dropped off all the kids and cargo. We were pretty happy to see him. As he pulled us up the rest of the way, Luke was so giddy riding in the back in the toboggan (sp?) hitting bumps. smelling fumes, getting snow in his face and squishing me. He didn't stop squealing the whole time. It was great!
We settled in and got cozy by the wood burning fire which is an absolute favorite. We also watched movies, played games, ate really good food, went sledding, Luke made a cave for the kids, Amy and I napped and read all weekend, we played hide and go seek, talked, and overall had an awesome time.
Only downside was when Oliver and I got the stomach bug that lasted for about 12 hours. No bueno.

Andrew was a gimp on the trip, so I was trying to help him stretch his sore legs.
Sleeping arrangements.
 Jensen kids plus Oliver.
 Snowmobiling back down with Oliver. We usually sled out, but since I was feeling like crap, I was so happy to ride down this way...actually I loved it!

These two were so hard core, they broke their sleds. 

Love him and Loved this weekend. Thanks Jensen's!