Friday, February 22, 2013

"Can I borrow some nickels"

Nickel auction has been going strong in our neighborhood for a while now. I however, have been slacking when it comes to attending these things. Last night I decided it was time to start up again, so I called some of my girls and we hit up the local NA.

We had a great time sitting around bidding and laughing and eating. I forgot how fun these can be when you have some good Friends with you.

I have to note that this was Melissa's first time ever. She showed up to see what the show was all about and in the end she was so into it, that she even had to borrow some nickels and even went home with arm fulls of new treasures. I promised Luke that I wouldn't buy anything, but broke that promise when I bought a Gone With the Wind antique book for a buck twenty five. Good times.