Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perfect Conditions

Amy and I have been running together for weeks now. I don't know about her, but I love it. This girl can run and she pushes me to run faster, harder and in the end, better.
So she showed up Saturday morning and we decided to do 6-8 miles that day. She did say that there might be a storm coming in so we took off hoping to beat it.
About half a mile in it started to hail and become very windy and it whipped us in the face AND it hurt. I really didn't know how much of that I was going to be able to take, but we kept going.
 And then it really started to snow

Amy introduced me to the beast, also known as Val Verda. It's a steady uphill climb all the way to Davis Blvd. It sucked.

 The snow really started to stick. Snow plows passed us again and again but we kept on going.

 After 6 cold, wet, crazy miles, we were done...and it was awesome!

That day I wore fingerless gloves, a cloth headband and regular running pants instead of my warm fleece lined running pants. I was frozen! Not even the hottest shower got me warm after that.

However, I was so happy that I was done running that day. Thanks Amy, for being my running coach and pushing me to do hard things like running in a snow storm.