Monday, January 14, 2013

Chop Shop

I have been wanting to change my long hair for a while now. I tried dreadlocks, colored my hair to give it the Obre look, I dyed it back to look natural and when I got bored with that, I decided to cut it all off. Why not?
So I booked my appointment, took in my little picture of the idea of hair I wanted and sat there for 2 hours as this guy snipped away 2 feet of hair.  
 In the end, the guy said my hair was too dense for the haircut I wanted, so he cut it a bit different, but it was fine. Not my fave, but fine.

The strangest part about cutting my hair was showering. I kept reaching for hair I thought was there and I put way too much shampoo in my hand. I also had to adjust to bracing myself for Luke to lay on my hair when he rolled over at night or when he would go to rest his arm on the middle compartment in the car with my hair resting there. It's been nice to not have to find long hair everywhere I go and to cut hair washing time in half. It's also fun to just change things up.
I'm already thinking of my next hair do. 


Felicia H. said...

It looks really really cute.