Friday, September 13, 2013

Oliver's Lego Party

I can't believe Oliver turned 5! We celebrated by throwing him a little party and when he said he wanted to do a Lego party, I had to get to work.
I hired my amazing friend to make a cake. I knew I wouldn't have been able to make something great and so I am so glad to she came to the rescue. Oliver thought it was so cool.

As our guests arrived, we had them all guess how many Lego's were in the jar for a prize. At the end of the party, we announced the winner. Sara was the closest and won.
Our first activity was a craft. We made Lego head bracelets. Most of the kids enjoyed it, but when the younger kids couldn't thread the head through as easy, they gave up. Luke came to the rescue by drilling the holes bigger.


We played pin the Lego head on the Lego body. Jack was the winner and got a Lego prize.
 I made a Lego pinata for Oliver which he loved. The one thing that he said he wanted at his party was this pinata. Since it was so hard to break, they all got a couple of turns.

And finally, Jonny.
We sang Happy Birthday to Oliver and he blew out his candle. Sadly, my camera died and so I don't have any pictures of that, but he loved it. Afterwards, he opened his gifts. He got some pretty awesome things this year. We have such generous family members. Thank you.  
Finally, we sent everyone home with some Lego candy. I was able to find these printouts here which made for the perfect little take home treat.
Just a couple things about Oliver.
-He is so excited to be a big brother. Every night he prays for a brother and a sister. We tell him we're not sure if it's going to be a boy and a girl so he changed his mind to two brothers.
-He loves playing with Legos. Luke and Oliver will sit and play for a long time which is so fun to watch.
-He loves to sleep in just his underwear.
-He is such a kind and loving boy, but you make him mad and he changes into such a back talking little punk...still love him though.
-He loves to eat Ramen Noodles (which he calls Robin Noodles), Apple sauce, Eggs, Toast, Mac and Cheese, Apple Juice, and Watermelon...just to name a few things. He actually is a really picky eater.
-He is playing soccer for his team, The Twisters. He likes it okay, but doesn't love it.
-He is in the CTR 4 class. Probably one of the hardest classes in our primary.
-He loves all his cousins so much. In particular when he refers to his Jensen cousins, he calls them "My Jensen's".
-When he poses for pictures, he always has to pose in a funny manner of make a strange face.
-He says the sweetest prayers at night always being thankful for his cousins and grandmas and grandpas.
-He still loves to play video games, watch movies and shows. (good mom award, right here.)
We are so blessed to have Oliver and we love him so much. He has taught us how to love more deeply and to live more patiently. The past five years with him in our lives has been such a blessing and we feel it a privilege to be his parents. Happy Birthday, O!