Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Jensen Weekend

This past weekend I was able to spend it with the Jensen kids while their parents ran in the Red Rock Relay. We always look forward to these weekends where we get to play and be busy.
It was pretty rainy this weekend so we stayed in door mostly, unless we played soccer. At the girls soccer practice we got to enjoy the rainbows, cloudy skies and then rain.

 The boys (in particular Aiden) didn't know what to do so we made up some relay drills. Aiden is a machine and did running drills for about half an hour.
 My favorite game to watch this weekend was Oakley's. She is one fierce little player and I may be bias, but I think she worked harder than any other player. Even though she is tiny, she played some awesome defense and even scored a goal. I was certainly a proud aunt.
 Oliver also had a great game that day. We didn't stick around to watch him play because the clouds were so heavy and black and we were in the topless Jeep. Even though he only had a team of three and they were playing six, Oliver scored two goals! YEEAAH!
Like I said, we took off before we got stuck in the rain. The whole way home we were wondering if we were going to get rained on. The moment we pulled in the driveway, it dumped.

The rest of the weekend we staying inside mostly, played Legos, watched movies, and just had an easy mellow weekend.
The kids were so great and we love being up there with them. Oliver isn't the only one that gets sad when the weekend has come to an end. We sure love those Jensen's.
And here is a little video of the kids getting scared at the Halloween store. Some of them were even making fun of Oliver for being scared to go in and then left saying that Oliver was right and that it actually was pretty scary. Funny kids.