Monday, September 2, 2013


In no particular order, here are some things that we did over the summer...
Oliver kept us laughing with his shenanigans. I like to call this picture his Cowboy/Surfer/Super Hero pose. Bless him for dressing himself.
 Crazy storms made for some beautiful skies.
Craving kicked in full swing and I was able to have my first real coke in months.
 Amy and I hosted a TOMS party.
The three of us broke away for Labor day. It was nice and relaxing as usual. We ate at Don Pedros, hiked at Pioneer Park, Played in the Walmart arcade (ghetto, I know), Oliver enjoyed Grandma's tub, I was 15 weeks pregnant, and we brought a couple of chunks of St. George back with us for our house.
We had our summer Primary Party. This was the only picture I took and I'm glad I did. Our friend AJ with his primary class "playing water games".

We celebrated nine years of marriage. This one should have a post of it's own but these were the only pictures we took. We went to dinner at Cheese Cake Factory and we were so excited to eat there (despite our picture) and when we really did eat our food we were pretty disappointed. 
And lastly, we got a "new" shed. Trent said we could have his if we did all the work, so Luke called up our friends and piece by piece they took it apart and put it back up. We had an outpouring of friends help us all three days it took to complete the project and we are so grateful to them for their muscles and willingness to help. The Monday we completed the project, we invited the families to come hang out and make smores. We ended up with 14 families there that night. Love our friends!