Monday, October 21, 2013

Two to Twenty-Two Weeks

As many of you know, we underwent In vitro Fertilization this past spring/summer. We feel so blessed to be able to have done this and I feel such indescribable gratitude for all those that played a part in caring for us while we were going through it.
Here is a timeline of my pregnancy so far (in pictures)
Here are our babies as blastocyst and ready to be implanted. These were the best two and I love that we have a picture of them at only about 5 days old as little tiny bundles of cells.
June 4, 2013 
This was right after we had the embryos transferred. They had given me some Valium to help me relax. I don't think I had ever been as relaxed as I was after the procedure. I ended up going home and sleeping for a few hours. After I woke up, the only thing I could think of was that I hope and pray that these perfect little embryos would implant and stay with us and that my body will be strong enough for them.
Technically this would be week 2 since they give you 2 free weeks.
Bed rest for a week. 
We found out that I was pregnant after doing a blood draw on June 15th. No peeing on a stick for me. I got a phone call from the nurse congratulating me and telling me that my HGC levels were high. This was the message that they sent me through my University of Utah account...
You are pregnant and you Quant (hcg) number today is 590.
Repeat on Monday between 8-9
Due date is 2/21/14
Continue progesterone until 7/23/13 get a refill call the pharmacy.
Schedule an ultrasound after 6/28/13 by calling the schedulers on Monday.

 At this point we didn't know if we were having one or two babies, but we were pregnant and that's all that mattered.
Between 5 and 6 weeks.

I ended up getting sick from being overstimulated (OHSS) and put on bed rest until I felt more comfortable. Those that knew that I was pregnant could already tell, what they didn't know was that my cute "baby bump" was actual blottage. HCG levels have doubled which is a great thing. I'm starting to think it might be twins...
Around 7 weeks.
Still not sure how many are in there. No sickness yet...but I have a feeling it's coming.

June 2, 2013
After having our final ultrasound with our Reproductive Doctor, We found out that we are pregnant with (di/di) twins!!!
 Two sacs, two placentas and two strong heartbeats! Started to feel the nausea and sickness after that was confirmed.
8 weeks pregnant!
Nausea is in full force and puking is a daily occurrence, but we couldn't be happier.
August 14th.
I am officially 13 weeks pregnant!
We got to see how the babies are developing at our genetic counseling appointment.
Baby A.
They couldn't get a great profile picture of the baby because it was moving around too much.
Baby B.

August 29, 2013
15.1 weeks!
We heard the both babies heartbeats this day and then headed down to St. George. Still sick, but still so happy!

October 2, 2013
20 weeks pregnant. Anatomy scan.
Both babies looked great. It was such a blessing to see all their little organs and to see that they were developing on track. We had to close our eyes when the tech told us to so we wouldn't find out the genders. I finally don't feel sick anymore!
Baby A. Flexing.
Baby B. Relaxing.

October 9th
21 weeks!
Almost 22 weeks.
Babies move around a lot especially at night between ten and eleven.

Everything so far has been going great. My official due date is on February 19th and I know it will get here before we know it. Luke and I have a lot of work cut out for us before then so we will be busy busy. Oliver kisses my belly all the time and Luke has been able to feel them kick. This change in our life has been so awesome. I love getting bigger and we can't wait to meet the Veigel twins.


Eliza said...

I am so happy and excited for you!!

chelsea mckell said...

Beautiful post! I love that you're so open about your IVF experience. I know so many other mothers of multiples who are defensive/secretive about it (which is totally their right to be), but it's great to see someone so open about it because you might be helping others who are going through similar experiences! You look absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy for you guys! I'm here for you whenever you need anything - seriously.

-Randall.Ashley- said...

We are so excited for you! And you look great! Can't wait to see what they are!!

Holmes Family said...

Oh goodness, now I'm bawling! But so incredibly happy for your adorable family! xxxo

Jason and Audrey said...

Thanks for sharing! Joshua looked at the pictures with me and commented: "cute dress, huh mom?!" THe striped one near the beginning. so cute! couldn't be happier for you! -Audrey

linds said...

i love this. i get to see you everyday and hear all your amazing thoughts and this still brought tears to my eyes. what a miricle and blessing!!! cant wait to meet them!

Gabrielle said...

I'm so excited for you! How courageous and nice of you to post pictures of how the pregnancy is going. God bless you!