Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baker Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party Extravaganza

 Every year, my family gathers together for our pumpkin carving party at my moms house. If I remember correctly, I think this is our 5th year. We make some food, order some pizza and after everyone is done eating and cleaned up, we get those pumpkins on the table and start carving away.

 Eating potato soup, salad and pizza.
Everyone with their picked out pumpkins.
 A Luke photo bomb.
The de-gutting and carving. I think this is the worse part. Pumpkin guts get everywhere.

The finished works of art.
 Oliver: Lego head pumpkin
Kimmy: Zombie hand pumpkin
Wendy: Asian Pumpkin?
Kade: Scuffed up Lego head pumpkin
Jonny: Cinderella Pumpkin (he helped Ashlyn)
Taleesha: I-am-a-nice-aunt-so-I-will-make-your-haunted-house-pumpkin (she made it for Jack)
Spencer: Twin brace face pumpkin
Mom: My face is the pumpkin pumpkin
Tate: Asian Hulk pumpkin
Luke: Do I have anything in my teeth pumpkin
Ethan: Vampire pumpkin complete with butt on the back pumpkin
Ashlyn: Cinderella pumpkin
Jack: Haunted house pumpkin
We missed not having Kat there with his magical elaborate creations and we missed Phia and Kenzie not participating in the pumpkin carving.
When we got home, we lit up our pumpkins and were pretty happy with how they turned out.
Love this messy tradition and hope to keep it going for years to come.