Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pre-School Fieldtrip

Today I got to miss work to spend the day with Oliver at his pre-school class field trip. I loved going with him and playing with him. Oliver is the type to just play on his own and be okay with it so we would go from station to station and I would play with him or watch him play. At one point we went into this large playroom with huge foam blocks and built forts and towers to knock down. Best part was that it was just me and Oliver for a solid 45 minutes with no one else. It was so fun to just be there with him playing.

When we headed up to the second floor, Oliver insisted that we take the stairs. To me, that seemed like a mile of stairs and it probably took me about 10 minutes to haul myself up there.

 I love my little man and I am so happy that we got to spend the day together.