Monday, March 24, 2014

Memory Monday 1

I've been wanting to start memory Mondays on the blog for a while now. We have so many memories that we want to record before the good old blogging days. Every week I will post either one of my memories or one of Luke's. So, without further adieu, here is our first memory Monday post.

With Conference just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to take a look at our family at temple square.
Growing up, we would always go to conference. It was with in walking distance of our house. Once there, I always remember walking up the winding ramp to go see the Christus Statue. I loved the blue mural of the planets and stars that surrounded the room behind the incredibly white and huge statue. I would just sit there staring at my surroundings feeling like I was actually in the presence of Christ. We would go there all the time as kids and now looking back, I'm so happy my parents would take us there.

Another thing I remember about conference was that during conference weekend, usually after one of the Sunday sessions, we were always on the lookout for my Aunt Dora, Uncle Mario and all their kids. We would sit outside on the flower bed walls and be on the look out for them coming out of the dark tinted doors of this building where I'm sure they were listening to conference in Spanish (At least that was my understanding as a kid). Sometimes we would even bring a blanket and snacks and sit on the grass listening to conference blazing from the speakers at temple square.
 We were also fortunate enough to attend our Stake Conference in the Tabernacle. I loved going there as a child even though we had to sit on the very small hard wooden benches. When I heard that not everyone got to attend stake conference there, I thought it was so strange. Being there, I loved looking up at the light fixtures and trying to figure out the awkward spiral staircase ( I think that's what it was) that always sat to the right of us in the balcony. We always sat in the same spot. The balcony, straight across from the stage. It was so fun to look around at all the stake members and try to figure out where my friends were sitting. I loved having to go use the bathrooms too because that bathroom had so many stalls and the bathrooms were located in their own building. My mom wouldn't let us get out of our seats very often, so when we did have to go to the bathrooms, somehow it was a special treat.

Phia, helping me get a drink out of the drinking fountain just north of the tabernacle.

Now days, when I go to Temple Square as an adult, I feel like it is home. Every time we would walk to the mall, we would always cut through temple square, we would always go see the lights during Christmas. It was where I was baptized  at eight years old and where I would later have many many Mutual activities. We loved going to talk to the missionaries that were serving there. My parents had visitors from out of town stay at our house so that they too, could enjoy going to temple square. Conference time was a joyous time for us. We usually got new Easter dresses that we got to wear and my mom was big on dressing us all the same and making sure we were dressed in our very Sunday best to attend not only church, but conference. It was important to my parents that we frequent temple Square. After all, it was even the place where my dad had officially proposed to my mom.