Saturday, April 5, 2014

2 Month Stats

We took the babies to see the doctor for their 2 month wellness check up. They got weighed and measured and we were surprised that they {especially Milo} didn't weigh more, but they are still very healthy and getting very chunky. They also got their first vaccinations. The oral vaccination caused them both to puke all over the nurse. They both had to get a second dose. They both cried hard when they got their little legs poked, but Milo especially lost it. It was so sad to see them cry so hard, but we couldn't help but laugh at those sweet helpless cries {sounds terrible, I know}. I asked the nurse if a lot of parents cry and she said "yes, all the time." When we asked her if any laughed, she said that this was the first. Poor babies.
Milo had a hard time the rest of that night. Every time he moved his legs, he would cry the saddest cry...I was not laughing anymore. Poor little guy. Briony on the other hand, did just fine. She acted as if nothing had happened.  
Head Growth Chart {Briony}
Length and Weight Growth Chart {Briony}
10.13 lbs 26%
22 in length 29%
15.2 in Head 37%
She is our little girl and we love how dainty and girl she is compared to her brothers. Love her so much. 
Head Growth Chart {Milo}
Length and Weight Growth Chart {Milo}

11.75 lbs 45%
22.5 in length 27%
16 in head 60%
In a nut shell, he is short and fat with a big head. I love every squishy part of him. He's turning out to be just like his big brother, Oliver. 


Mindy said...

They are so cute!!! I love those aden and anais blanket patterns too. :)