Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter morning. The East Bunny brought a few goodies for the babies. Oliver was so excited that even the babies got some fun things.
On or around Easter, we usually have a dinner and Easter egg hunt at my house. This year since my mom was just recovering from surgery, we decided to move it to her house to make it easier on her.

After a delicious dinner, we had the traditional egg hunts. First up, the adults with the money hunt.
Here are our winners.
Taleesha found #1=$10
Luke found #3=$20
Kat found #8=$20
And Wendy found #3=$50

 The kids were next. We had so many eggs to hide and were running out of places to hide them.
 And then the confetti eggs came out. At this point, I was glad that this wasn't done at my house.
 There was confetti everywhere.
 And then the real eggs came out. Tayten got Phia unexpectedly and so she got her revenge.
Best news of the night was when my sister told us she was pregnant. Such great news especially after the struggles they have been through. They brought pink and blue cookies to celebrate the news.
And these chunks in their Easter best. I love them.


Camille said...

Your kids are SO cute! And I didn't know about Wendy, I'm so happy for her!