Monday, April 7, 2014

Memory Monday 3

Sometime in the year 1984
Age 1-2

It goes without saying that I was a chubby baby, and I mean chubby. One of my mom's friends always said that she loved my chubby legs and just wanted to take a bite out of them. This particular friend had mentioned to my mom that there was a baby pageant coming to The Salt Palace and that she should enter me in it. So my mom did.

1984 at its finest. How beautiful is my mom too.

I believe this was the swimsuit competition of the pageant

Formal wear and in our crowns. 
One of the things that I love about looking back on these pictures was that everything was home made. My mom was so talented that way. She always made our dresses, made sure our hair was always done and we were always clean. I recognize that in just about all my child hood pictures. 
I love that I was getting a snack of some sort here. Gotta stay fed...I may wither away.
Waiting for the awards

I ended up winning 2nd place for beauty and winning 1st place in my age division for "Chubby Champion". 

I never lived that down and from then on out, I was nicknamed "chubby champion" from my family.

30 years later. 

My mom doesn't remember much about the pageant so I am glad that we still had these pictures and that we kept my trophy's after all these years. 


Mindy said...

LOL! If we ever do Ragnar together again, I'm resurrecting "chubby champion"! You were (and ARE!) so adorable (and not chubby anymore).