Sunday, November 30, 2014

10 Month old Twins

Somebody pinch me. I must be dreaming because I can not believe that these babies are really 10 months old. Seriously, when did this happen? These babies are just a dream. I think I say that every time, but they really are the best. They have no issues sleeping. In fact they don't really even cry when I put them down for naps or for bed. They just know that that is the drill and they go with it. They eat pretty good although Briony has issues with textures and Milo seems uninterested, but other than that they eat well...obviously, look at them. 

She is our spitfire. She is very vocal and will let you know if she disapproves of anything. She is so strong willed and stubborn and I love it. I was thinking the other day about when she was in utero and how she was small. The doctors worried about her size and were watching her closely to make sure that she was growing and that things were okay. They were. And then when she was born and we found out that this stubborn baby was actually a girl, it all made sense. And when she was born at only 4 pounds 14 ounces and didn't spend a single day in the NICU, I got it. She is our strong willed fighter and I just love that so much about her. I hope she always has that trait and she uses it for good. Even though she is our fire cracker, she is still the sweetest. She will rest her head on you and snuggle up to you...of course on her terms but she does this and its one of my favorites. She loves to hear her voice especially her high pitched shrills of joy. She will scream and clench her fists and hold her arms straight in front of her and wait for you to scream back at her before she smiles and does it all over again. She loves to be on the ground rolling and army crawling all over the place. She tends to want to play with anything but toys and loves to get into the video game cupboard and pull out the controller cords. She falls asleep sucking on a blanket. Doesn't matter which one. She laughs any time we play peek a boo with her and she is so ticklish around her color bone and her arm pits. She lights up whenever someone she knows walks into the room but she will let you know if it's okay to pick her up or not. Man I love this little Bee. 

I have never met a boy as sweet as Milo. Just thinking about his sweet little demeanor makes me melt. When you see him he usually has a somber appearance, but really is just waiting to smile at you and love you. He laughs at anything. You could be tickling him or just making a strange sound at him and he will full on belly laugh. We call him our giggle boy for a good reason. While his sister is happy crawling circles around him, Milo is perfectly happy laying on the floor playing with one toy and thumping his feet in delight. He is starting to become more active just in the last days and also scooting around all over. Milo is our little sleeper just like Oliver. Many times I will go in to get them (because I hear Briony squawking) and he is still just snuggled up sleeping away. He has this amazing hair that I never want to cut (remind me of my dad's) and is so squishy and super easy to love on. Whenever we are in the car he will start to "sing". This is usually the only time he does this. We recently gave him a binki to play with and he has really started to like that binki. Better keep it away before he becomes addicted to it. Milo LOVES when Oliver plays with him. He gets so excited whenever Oliver spends lime with him. I bet in his eyes, Oliver could do no wrong. Oh Milo. You and just a dream. 

These tow together are just so fun to watch. They have started to take things from each other and interact more and it's so fun to see. When they take things from each other, neither seem to mind. They just move onto the next toy until the other comes and takes that one away. They occasionally still look for the others hand to hold like they did when they were younger. I pray that these two will be the closest of friends and always be there for each other. They have a special bond being twins and I am so blessed to call them mine.