Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving in Wyoming

 There is something I just love about going out of town for a Holiday. In this case I love driving up to Wyoming through the snow covered mountains, meeting family at the Pizza Hut for a late dinner, hanging out in out Jammies with cousins, watching movies and getting toasty. It's like we're in our own movie and that soundtrack would be a good one filled with Amy laughing, Oakley singing, The Boys (including Luke) burping, Trent thinking (out loud) and Paige, Morgan and babies squealing. It was the best. 

When we got there, Grandma Holly and Grandpa Larry were there waiting for us. It's great to make it safe and sound and even better to have parents that look out for you. 
The first thing Oliver did was Snuggle up with Grandma. It was so cute, but once he saw me pull out the phone to take a picture, it was game over. 

 Shortly after, The Jensen's showed up. And that's when the party started. I mean who doesn't want to jump and slide around the living room in sleeping bags?

 And then it was Thanksgiving morning.
We had 8 people show up for our Biennial Gobble Gallop. Fortunately this years temperatures were bearable and the race was very enjoyable. 

Our finishing pictures. 

 And how lucky was I to get speedy Amy to run with me. We even stopped on Main street to snap this photo in front of the worlds largest Elk Antler Arch. 

Crazy leggings and Ice Patched roads. 
 I've gotta get out there and start running more. This was the first race where I actually had to walk a few times. Poor Amy getting stuck with the slow poke. 
 The group. Plus Bernard. 
So much fun to get together and burn a few calories before indulging is so much good food. 

While we waited for the grand dinner, The kids all played outside in the snow on the snowmobiles. They were so much fun to watch...and throw snowball at. 
 The sweetest thing I heard was that before The Jensen's left to go up to WY, Andrew ran back in the house to go get a helmet for Oliver so that he could also play on the snowmobiles with them. Love that Andrew and how he takes care of our boy. 

Now these are some good looking "Lumbersexuals"? Some of my favorite people right there.
 You wouldn't believe the energy it took to take this picture, but I think it tuned out pretty perfect. Matching coats and all. 

They were playing dead. I don't know who's on the left, but I laugh every time I see it because it doesn't look like there is a body in all those baggy clothes.
 Oakley would have been out there all day if her parents would have let her. She was rocking it on that mini snowmobile going off jumps and everything. 
 And what better way to warm up from being out in the snow than having some delicious Maverick hot chocolate. 

 Then the festivities began. This year was probably my most favorite year. The food was so good. A whole table full of pies (Which I didn't have a single piece until I got home later that night), So many great cousins to hang out with and of course playing Basketball, Dodgeball and Football are always a highlight. 
 I especially love this picture of our kids with Pom Pom. Briony's sad face is so funny, but really, how cute is Pom Pom. 91 years old and looking fantastic.

We headed home that same night and arrived safe and sound. It was a great Thanksgiving with so many things to be thankful for.