Friday, March 6, 2015

In Like a Lion- Welcome March

I think all of Northern Utah was delighted when it finally snowed. At least I know Oliver was.
It was a very welcomed change in the weather since the only real storm we got was ON Christmas and because it has been abnormally warm. I am grateful for the added moister to help us later on in the year.
These kids just wanted to play in it and that's just fine with me.
 Oliver and Aubree are such great friends and have more of a sibling bond than any other unrelated friends of his. I love seeing and hearing stories of these two together. It was no surprise that she was the first one he asked to go out and play in the snow with.
 They tried to get me with snow balls any way they could.

Happy winter in March.
I am hoping we have a few more snowstorms before spring is in full bloom.