Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thankful for...

Family Night.
Luke and I didn't really grow up doing family night. The times that I had it growing up were on Sundays and they usually turned into discussing everyone's problems so we would call it Family Fight Night. For our family, I decided that I would make it a priority this year. I love this quote from President Monson...
"We cannot afford to neglect this heaven-inspired program. It can bring spiritual growth to each member of the family, helping him or her to withstand the temptations which are everywhere. The lessons learned in the home are those that last the longest.”
I have faith in this program and strongly believe that most important work that we do, is the work with in the walls of our own homes.
For this family night we talked about forgiveness and did a little demonstration of carrying the weight of our burdens if we don't forgive. Oliver read out of the scriptures with help from Luke and did so good at listening. Briony and Milo were there and crawled around on the floor during all of this and I am so grateful that they were there too.
For dessert Oliver had the strangest request. Croutons and Ranch.
We even let him eat his "dessert" in the his skivvies. 

I am so thankful for my children. They are amazing to me and picturing life without them makes me so sad to think about.
This particular day we walked to the grocery store which is another blessing to me. I love living where I do. It is close to everything including Luke's work. Going on walks is one of our favorite things too.

And then there's these two. I am so thankful for their closeness. The whole way to the grocery store, sweet Milo had his hand on his sisters lap and for once, Briony didn't care that he was touching her. (she usually swats his hand away from her and makes a disgusted dramatic girl noise of some sort)
I hope these two stay close for their whole lives. 
I am so thankful for "Me time".
I needed it so bad this week and since it was Tuesday and movies are only $5, I packed up a drink, grabbed my coat and went to see McFarland USA complete with a single serving of popcorn and a delicious hot dog. It was perfect way for me to unwind and do something just for me.

Part of the reason why I need an out was because I had just finished taking care of two very sick babies with RSV and Ear infections, followed by me getting sick with a nasty head cold complete with headaches and restless sleep, Oliver getting a cold and waking up with aches, AND THEN Luke getting a nasty cold which kept him from work for a couple of days. I was tired of taking care of everyone and especially done with all this sickness. SO the thing that I am thankful for here is that it wasn't worse than that and that we have medicine to help us get better. That we have Doctors that will see us and help us and that we have a comfortable place to rest and get better in. Really there is so much to be thankful for here.
Poor Luke. 
Thankful for church activities.
This was also nice to get out of the house and go to. I don't have the best attendance for going to RS activities, but this time I tricked myself into going by signing up to make a cake. I knew that if I signed up, I would have to go and I did and it was fun.
 I ended up making a Lemon-Lime Cake with whipped cream topping and candied lemon lime rines and key Lime custard filling.
The table that I was at was so much fun and I love that I have sisters in the ward that I can relate to and enjoy being with. I also see the importance of supporting others in our ward that spend so much time on these activities and do it out of love and service for us. Bless them. I know it's not easy.
 I am thankful for dear friends.
Our friend Tracy's dog was suddenly put down this past week. Seeing a picture of her crying with her dog just broke my heart. Amy arranged for us to take her out and try to cheer her up. We ate at the delicious Yannis and went shopping after. It was so nice.

I am thankful for my Jensen's.
These kids really are like my own. I treat them like my own and certainly love them as if they were mine.
Oakley performed in her school play, Aladdin and was the magic carpet.
She was the best and in my (bias) opinion, stole the show with her back handsprings, cartwheels and charisma. She is pocket sized and just too adorable. I loved being there to watch her perform and can't wait to see what she does in the future.

Again, I love these kids like my own and I love seeing how they are with my own kids. They love them so much and I hope its a closeness that always lasts. Oliver especially loves the boys so much and it seems like any time he is not with them, he is asking to be with them.
This day we took them to see the large scale Lego exhibits of our Nations popular landmarks. It was pretty impressive to say the least. Which of course, reminds me of how awesome of a nation we live in. Always, always thankful for that. 


And lastly, I am thankful for our family friends.
We love this particular family of these adorable girls (although you may not be able to tell by the look on Oliver's face) and are always hoping and praying for good things to happen to those that we love.

Life is so good.
I don't know if my perception has changed since I have been back from Mexico and have been humbled by being there, but I really am so blessed to have the life I do. It is filled with goodness and beauty. It is filled with service and love and happiness. I know that things may not always go the way we have planned or even wanted, but I am trying to embrace the wonderful things that I do have in this moment and it is good.