Sunday, March 8, 2015


Well it was inevitable that this was going to happen, the babies are sick.
It took me a while to figure out when to take them to the doctor. I kept thinking that they were getting better and at one point I called the doctor and scheduled for them to go in later that day to get looked at. Then they woke up from a nap and I thought they were getting better so I cancelled their appointment. The next day they were back to having fevers and a loss of appetite and just not well. I called again and decided to go in. Better safe than sorry. {although it is annoying to go in there and pay a $30 co-pay each to tell me that they just have a cold and fortunately, that has only happened once}.
 Our doctor confirmed that they have a mild case of RSV and ear infections. Milo had a double ear infection and Bee just had an infection in the right ear. Poor kiddos. He sent us home with instructions to continue to give them ibuprofen and now their new medicine, to use a humidifier, and get them to drink as much as possible so they don't dehydrate. He also gave us a prescription to go to the suction clinic at LDS hospital to get their lungs cleared out if they seemed to get worse. Thankfully they got better.
Milo did a lot of this.
He was a cuddle bug through and through and whenever he was awake, that seemed to be the only thing he wanted to do. He is usually a busy body and love to move from one place to another. Not this time and I was happy to snuggle right with him.
 For their ear infections.
 Oh Milo, how we love your squishiness and how I love Luke for being an incredible dad to our children.
 Bee wanted to be left alone most of the time. We got a few snuggles in from her but she was the most happy when she was alone in her room with her blanket.
I even tried to get her out of crib at one point and she started to cry until I laid her back down. So in order to spend time with my girl I played with her outside of her crib. She seemed to be ok with that.
I don't think I have ever been thrown up on so much in my life. Their coughs were so bad that it would gag them and cause them to puke up whatever little food they had in their bellies. I think we washed their bed sheets every single day and shampooed the carpets about 10 times.
When this girl saw herself in the camera, she was all smiles. We got a great picture of her in all her boogery glory.
And finally, finally on the sixth day, after so many prayers, blessings and patience their fevers broke and they were getting back to their normal selves.
And then it was my turn. Along with Oliver and now Luke. We are all fighting head colds and our house is under quarantine for the time being.   
And they have been good to me.
Even though they want to pull out my nose plug so bad.