Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Festivities

I love it when Eater falls on Conference weekend. I feel like it give the holiday a great purpose and really hits me as to why we are celebrating the holiday.
We started off the celebrations by dying Easter eggs at Amy's while the Men went out for dinner and watched the Priesthood session.  
 The kids loved having me and Amy make them mystery pictures with crayons before they dipped them in the dye. I loved how vibrant the egg colors turned out.
 That night after the husbands got home, Amy and I went out to eat at The Habit and take a much needed break from the kids. It was so nice.
The next morning was Easter. It was so much fun to watch these three with their Easter buckets. Man, I love having these three kids. They make everything so much better including the holidays.

Listening to conference was just what I needed that day and I was in particular blown away by the Sunday morning session.

 In between sessions we headed over to Luke's parents side for an Easter egg hunt they put on for the kids.
Holly was so nice to put this on for all of them.
That afternoon, we got ready to host Easter dinner with my side of the family.

And for the Easter egg hunts.

With some of the kids outgrowing the Easter egg hunt, we didn't have as many kids participating in the candy hunt which was great for this group. 
SO incredibly grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. For this holiday that helps me reflect of His purpose and how it can bless and help me in my own life. What a blessing to know that because of Him, we can live again and that death will not bound us, but that we can have everlasting and eternal life if we follow his teachings and example.
Happy Easter.