Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Family Night

I have really been loving family night. I have been really trying to be good at having family home evening this year. So far so good, but I felt like we needed more outings to go along with it.
We decided to go to temple square where we would enjoy our dinner and walk around enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.

 The flowers were exceptional. right as you walked onto the grounds, you were surrounded by this amazing aroma of flowers. I will always go visit temple square this time of year just for that.
 The visitors center had changed so much since the last time I had been there. It was so fun to walk through and see everything.  

My favorite was showing Oliver the temple doors and the Christus Statue.
Growing up, we frequently visited temple square and so to be able to do this with my family was so much fun. Walking those temple grounds and telling my family stories about us growing up around here and was so exciting and of course, nostalgic for me. I love this place. I was baptized here, Sealed to Luke here and hope to raise my kids loving it as much as I do.