Monday, May 23, 2011

29 Candles

Our Luke turned 29 today

Even though he didn't want to do a single thing for it

We had to do something

Just to show how much we love him.


I took the day off of work and

Took him out to breakfast at the best breakfast place ever,

Market Street Grill.

I mean seriously

Just look at all that great food.

And they still hadn't even brought out our milk.

Luke had to work

but it gave me time to get ready for his party

with us,

his family of 3.

He chose pizza from Papa John's

Something we hardly ever get to eat because of me

(I hate the smell)

And then time for Birthday cake,

Rainbow Chip boxed cake

and canned Rainbow Chip frosting.

Makes for 2 very happy boys

And a happy me for making it so easy to please my family.

Oliver and I sang to Luke
It was the sweetest sound hearing Oliver sing to his dad
Luke had some help blowing out all 29 candles

After singing came the chanting from Oliver
"Take a bite, take a bite"
Luke was a good sport

And Oliver made sure he didn't skimp on the bite.

We love you so so much

and enjoyed spending this special day with you.

Happy 29th Birthday!


Amy said...

I am sorry we didn't make it down to give Luke his present last night. I had to go to a death. So, maybe tonight? Anyways, Happy Birthday to Luke!

And I love your cake stand!