Monday, May 2, 2011


This Easter was more exciting for us since Oliver could really get into all the fun activities we had all weekend long. First up was an Easter Egg Hunt. Of course he was too little to get a lot of the eggs, but I'm okay with that especially since he insisted on opening every single egg and then eating its contents right away.

See...Oliver was totally fixed on those little treats he wouldn't even look up to take a picture.

We thought this would be the moment where Oliver would freak out kicking and screaming to get away from the Easter bunny. Nope. He even leaned into him and chilled with the creepy eyed thing. Seriously, it's no wonder kids get scared.

Luke and I also hosted a party for the Baker side. We ended up having 14 little kids there to join in the fun of the Easter egg hunt. They loved finding eggs full of candy, money and confetti. The adults later on had their own Easter egg hunt and this year Luke won the fifty dollars! Woo Hoo! We also enjoyed some really good food and had a good time hanging out together as family and friends.

Sunday morning, Oliver was surprised by the Easter bunny again when he saw his basket in the living room. (It wasn't that cute really, so I didn't take a picture, but it had all the good stuff)

The favorite toy was to no surprise this....

Of course Easter wouldn't be complete without reflecting on the real reason why we celebrate this Holiday. I'm always so grateful that Easter falls on a Sunday where we can wind down and remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His life, His sacrifice for us, His resurrection, and His eternal love.

Happy Easter!


Amy said...

Once again you Bakers were nice to let The Hoard join in on the fun.