Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday #28

I turned 28 on May 4th and it was so much fun. I do have to confess that in my 27th year, I kept saying that I was 28 when people asked...Ooops. I must be expecting great things this year.

So, I had to work at both jobs this year, but I didn't mind one bit. When I got to the office that Wednesday morning, The Doc had spoiled me with doughnuts, hot chocolate, and and entire cake. I couldn't resist having all three. Half way through my day I got such a nice surprise from Amy. She came by with the girls and Oliver AND lunch. She even helped Oliver make me a card. It was so nice. (sadly, no pictures)

After work I went to work #2. And what do you know, another cake. Can you say spoiled? One of my managers had made this gourmet lemon cake that I'm sure took her hours. It was delicious!

Seriously, I work with some pretty sweet people.

So later that week, Luke and Amy threw me a party. Since I hadn't had any Coke for 60 days, Amy, being as creative as they come, Decided on a Coke themed party.

She went all out with red and black balloons, matching utensils and the best part, an entire bucket full of ice cold coke. Yum!

Love her!

And here is cake #3! Taleesha, another awesome sis-in-law, Made this with a few hours to spare before the party. She knows that I love bees, so she made this yummy chocolate bee cake.

Of course I got sung to in true Baker fashion. And got my face smashed in cake, but it was fun and it's always something for the kids to look forward to....unless it's them.

And here is the moment of pure thirst quenching joy!
My brother asked if I would ever go without it again. My response, I totally would to experience that deliciousness of that first swig.

And here are my rad gifts...

Anyone that knows me well knows that I want Luke to finish our bathroom so bad. I pretty much ask him everyday how progress is coming so a few of my gifts are for my bathroom. I also got money, gift cards, a totally awesome fedora hat, lotion, lip gloss, a necklace, birthday cards, and a new purse.

I'm really so blessed.

Thanks a million times over for all the birthday wishes.


Eliza said...

Happy birthday! And for the record, you are way too gorgeous... it's really not fair. :D

Felicia H. said...

Happy late Birthday

Amy said...

Your party rocked. Loved it and loved the Coke Theme. We should do that every you, don't you think!

Here's to getting your bathroom done so you can put all your cute stuff in it!

Brett And Tiffani said...

Cute, Cute! Happy birthday! We need to get together again soon! I haven't planned any Lake Mead trips, but am thinking about it. would ya'll want to come again? I'll text you!