Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful for...


I laugh every single day with these two.

Some of the fun things that Oliver has been doing/saying...

* Oliver will eat his pizza backwards if it's not cut up for him. I guess he just figures he may as well get the crust over with.
* After he goes twosies in the potty he will scream as loud as he can "WIPE MY BUM PLEASE!".
* Any time Oliver sees me in running clothes he says "You going running mom?" After I say I am or after I get back from running he says "Good job mom."
* He says "Whoopsie Daisies"
*Anytime he pees on the shower curtain or spills something or anything along those lines, he pleasantly says "It's okay Mom/Dad."
* He tries to say "Anaconda Squeeze" from the movie Nacho Libre as he's squeezing your arm/leg/neck.
* If we make him sad or mad or cry, he always says "Don't make me sad/mad/cry."
* When we brush his teeth, he usually gets upset that he has "bugs" in his teeth and wants us to hurry and get them out.
* He likes to dress himself. A lot of times he'll have his underwear on backwards and he wont let me correct it.
* He eats chips like a little chipmunk. He has to take about 20 little bites instead of one big one.
* Whenever I say "I love you, Oliver" He replies with "No Mom, I love you". This also goes for when I tell him he's cute.
* He's been into singing The Letter Factory songs, I Love to see the Temple, Old McDonald and currently, Jingle Bells. As you can see, He likes a little variety in his music.
* Speaking of music. He LOVES Pit Bulls song Calle Ocho. At one point we listened to that song 7 times in a row. He would even sing along as best as he could. I think he likes the counting in it.
* He likes to put his dishes in the sink when he's done eating. He'll even take our dishes.
* He calls my sister "Grandma Sophie".
* Most mornings he comes into our room, get in our bed and snuggles for 5-10 minutes. It's the best way to wake up.
* He sings along to Super Why...or is it just Y? Anyway, He loves that show and I love hearing him quote it as I'm getting ready in the mornings.
* He loves to call people "Paigey Poops".
* When he sees something he likes he usually says "Oh I love that, mom!"
* His prayers are the sweetest little spoken words. He usually just whispers his prayers but he it great at remembering everyone and asking that nothing spooky will get him.

I love that Oliver Dee!


Tracey said...

He is too funny! What a cutie :)