Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy December...I think.

What in the world happened? December 1, 2011. Luke and I wake up the sound of raging winds. We peeked outside of our bedroom window and this was the first thing we saw. Our power was out and as we looked outside some more, we saw that there was garbage floating around outside, rain gutters ripped off along with roof shingles and many many trees that were uprooted. Whoa!

Luckily, we had very minimal damage with just our gate falling over.

So the day continued as follows...

Luke went outside to walk around our neighborhood to see the damage. As he went to pick up a piece of sheet metal, a gust of wind blew that piece of metal and hit him in the head....nothing serious, but seriously, what the crap!

We both went to work. Luke's work was fine. When I got to work and got out of my car to walk into the school the wind about blew me away. I had to stand my ground so that I wouldn't fall over. I couldn't even open the door to the school and with the help of a couple people inside pushing on the door and me pulling, I was in. We had to wait in our cold room as the students checked out and until we were allowed to leave....gas leak and all. Lindsey, Karen and I headed to the hall way to wait it out since our classroom was so cold. Finally, we took off and headed into Salt Lake for some lunch...Things out in Salt Lake were totally normal and I'm sure they didn't have any idea that we just came from a state of chaos.

That night Oliver and I took refuge at Trent and Amy's house which I was so grateful for. I was able to shower and sleep warmly and pretty comfortably. Thank heavens for the kindness of others. I didn't feel like camping in my own house that night, but Luke did. He said he slept so good in our 50 degree house.

I'm thankful that our families and friends were kept safe through all of this. I sometimes wonder if these things happen so that we may better prepare ourselves for any future catastrophes or if we just need to come closer as a community or ward OR that these things happen so that we are given great opportunities to serve one another. Now that I think of it, I have been praying for more of those opportunities...great.