Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day + 1

Well, It's here. Christmas Day!
We slept in until about 8:30 when Oliver came into our room to climb into bed. We got up and got ready to go see if Santa came to our house.

He did!

Stockings were first...

Then our gifts...

We got spoiled. WAY spoiled.
Thank you Santa! You are awesome.

We made a little Christmas Breakfast before getting ready to head to church with Grandma Lily. We loved that we weren't rushed today since her Sacrament meeting was at 1.

 And onto the Veigel house. Santa spoiled us there too with many many gifts. And we exchanged cousins gifts.

 The best part of this day, it the food. We make Sandwich melts with ham, Salomi, fancy cheese, delicious bread, and everyone brings snacks and treats to share. This year we added some wassail. Oh it was SO good. Thank you so much to my amazing in laws that treat us to such nice things every year.

And we missed Jake and Becky and their cute little family this year. Next year?

And the next morning we went over to Sue's house for breakfast. We love this tradition and Sue is always so nice to have us over for some excellent breakfast.

Christmas was fantastic! It's no wonder we always look forward to it and are sad when it's no longer around.

May we all remember the birth and life of our Saviour not just at Christmas time, but throughout the whole year.

Merry Christmas.