Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

What a fun night we had at the Baker house. It started with the traditional dinner (which I thought was better than Thanksgiving). A lot of sitting around talking and hanging out. Watching a Christmas Story (Like we do every year). And eating dessert...Cheesecake!

I usually have a book to read all the kids every year before we open gifts. It's mostly to calm them down because dang does our group need it. And to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas and to remember how blessed we are.

This year I forgot.

So it was onto the presents.

I think the kids were happy that I wasn't going to read and the adults were bummed....minus Luke. He does not like the reading at all.

I had way too many pictures to choose from. I couldn't just choose a few.
This year we drew families. We had the Bakers. The Bakers had the Kattelmans, Kattelmans had Phia and Kenz and Phia had us. It was so fun to watch everyone open gifts, and as always we were are spoiled my mom. But it's okay. We spoiled her too.  

Oliver loved being there taking his turn playing with all the adults. He loves the Bakers. And quite frankly, so do I. 

(Christmas Eve with Dad 2009)
This year had a different feeling at my Parents house not having one of those parents around. We missed my dad so terribly, it hurt. I have never in my life had a Christmas without him until this year and it pretty much sucks.  He was always it the background loving every moment of seeing the joy in his children and grand children's faces. I am grateful for that family that I did have there this year. Love you all.

Now onto many many more Christmas visits!


Mindy said...

It would be so hard to have Christmas without my dad... I'm sorry you have to do that. :( It looks like a fun time together! And you are beautiful in that last pic. (As always.)