Monday, December 5, 2011

Miracle of miracles

Every year we try to get Oliver's picture taken with Santa....Doesn't matter where, just as long as it happens.

Today my friend Lindsay told me that her Mother in law was doing pictures with Santa at her work. Perfect. We were going to get our picture.
 Luke came home at 8:15 and we were out the door by 8:30 to go hunt Santa down. When we arrived we were too late. They had finished at 8. Oliver was already so excited to go see Santa and now Luke and I felt like failures.

You may wonder why I titled this post as Miracles? Well it's because this whole night was full of them. Granted they were the smallest of miracles on a miracle scale, but miracles non-the-less.
Here we are driving home feeling like losers trying to figure out what we can do for Oliver.
I remembered that The Square puts on a little Christmas night complete with free pictures with Santa, hot chocolate, treats and horse and carriage rides.
Only problem was remembering which night I saw it advertised for. I mentioned it to Luke and told him that we should drive by just in case it so happened to be tonight. And guess what...
That was Miracle # 1

We got there at 8:35 and we just missed the free pictures that ended at 8:30, but right as we pulled up, Santa came walking out. Oliver was so excited to see him with his hands full of candy canes. We asked if we could take a picture of O and him and of course Santa said yes.
Can we say Miracle 2?

As I turned on my camera, the battery light was flashing that it was about to die...and then it did. I turned it on real quick hoping that I had enough juice to get one more picture.
Miracle 3.

We were doing pretty dang good at this point. We walked over to Top Hat Video for some hot chocolate and started to walk back to the car. On our way we saw a family come out with extra large sample cups from Orange Leaf. We asked if they were giving out samples and she said that they were, but didn't think they had any more. We walked in anyway and Luke asked if they had any more sample. The kid went in the back and pulled out a bag he found with just a few more. I'd say that was miracle #4 eh?
And I was able to snap another picture!

As we walked out, I was hoping to be able to take Oliver on the horse and carriage ride. When we first pulled up, there was a pretty good group waiting for their turn. Luke said that if there wasn't a line after Orange Leaf, we'd go (He wasn't about to wait in a line for that). Then miracle #5 occurred.
We were the only ones left and therefor got a ride and got to ride just the 3 of us.

This was Oliver's and Luke's first time riding in a horse and carriage. Not sure if they were too impressed, but it was fun. 

And guess what? Another picture...and then my camera really died.

After the ride, we took off. It was painfully cold outside and we were ready for the warmth. I'd say we did pretty good tonight and thankfully, Luke and I weren't made out to look like pathetic parents.


Amy said...

I believe in Miracles.

Jake said...

What a fun night!
What is up with the Elf thing?