Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Endings

Easter morning was a very nice morning for us. Oliver came into our room and snuggled with us which is our favorite thing ever. After eating some breakfast we told Oliver that the Easter Bunny had left a special Easter Basket for him hidden somewhere in the house and that he had to find it.  When he saw the basket in his old baby room he was so excited. His favorite item was Nacho Libre which he wanted to watch right on the spot. We loved watching Oliver get excited throughout the weekend with all the Easter activities.


To close the Easter holiday we went to church. I was not prepared to enjoy such a wonderful message especially in Relief Society. Each member of the RS shared a special message. We watched a couple short videos of our Savior and the Resurrection, another sister sang the sweetest song and then the president (my MIL) shared a wonderful message about adversities in our lives. Note to self: Waterproof Mascara next time. Like I said, it was beautiful. Sacrament meeting was just as good with 2 perfect speakers and wonderful music preformed by our choir. Aside from watching Oliver light up with excitement, church was the highlight of Easter and a perfect way to be reminded of the love that our Savior, Jesus Christ has for each of us.