Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Lovin

Saturday morning we woke up early to get the busy Easter day started. We met up with Wendy for the annual Easter Egg hunt at Kenzie's old Elementary.

They always have the kids line up around the perimeter of the soccer field...or in this years case, the black top, where all the eggs are dumped.  At first they are only allowed to get 3 eggs and for the finishing round, they can collect as many as they can get. Oliver isn't too aggressive and was perfectly happy with about 10 eggs.  

Love my lumberjack.

After waiting in line for a while we made it up to the Easter Bunny. He sort of freaks me out a little and this year I think Oliver picked up on the freakishness of him as well so he wanted me to sit with him.
They also had a raffle where you could pay $1 a ticket to be entered to win an Easter basket. They had about twenty baskets up for grabs. I didn't think O would win since we only put his name in twice and with only 2 baskets left I was sure we weren't going to win.

But we did! Oliver was pretty excited about this. So was I.

Luke was a good sport for joining us. His favorite part was listening to the LOUD cheesy Easter music blaring through the speakers.


That night we had my family over for a little Easter party complete with Hamburgers and hot dogs.

Look how cute my hubs is.
We tend to go all out with these burgers to make them extra delicious.

This is my mom's favorite food we put on. It makes her very happy. 

We loved starting up the fire and roasting marshmallows. First time this year.

And then the Easter Hunt began.

We took more video than pictures so I don't have any actual hunt photos, but the kids loved it. The adults got to smash confetti eggs all over each other and the kids which was fun. My mom also usually does an egg hunt for the adults where she hides money in eggs. This year she only did a 1 one-hundred dollar bill. Wendy won it.
And want to see the most awkward photo of the night?

Here ya go...

I don't know what most of us were looking at or why Luke looks like a lemur or Jonny like Nacho Libre, I don't know what I'm showing all my teeth and why suddenly Kat turned into a pimp. Luckily Phia and my mom look good.


Amy said...

Oh my gosh! First of all those hamburgers looks sooo dang good. Second of all, what is that picture???

linds said...

that family photo made me laugh out loud. love it!!!

Karina said...

oh gosh that pic is priceless, lol!!! your firepit is awesome!!! when are you going to invite us over to enjoy it ;) ;)