Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break


Today we spent most of the day relaxing. Oliver just wanted to be home and so we did just that. We slept in late, stayed in our jammies, watched some shows, took early nap, ate lunch together and played until it was time to actually get ready. I had to work at the Chiro for a few hours so Oliver went up to cousins house.

We were invited to go to dinner with the Hoard at the Training Table. Turning that down would be difficult and I really did want to hang out with Jensen's (In spite of what others Ahem, Trent may think ;))

After the delicious meal, we went back up to play. Oliver (somewhat) slept over while Amy and I played what she likes to call Adult games. I on the other hand, like to call it X-box Kinect.

All the kids slept under their fort. Oliver just loves to be with his cousins. Every morning he asks me who's house he will be going to and every time I tell him Jensen's he excitingly whispers "Yes!".

 Sadly I don't have any pictures of Amy and I playing the dance game and sport games. I know we looked silly, but at least we had a fun night.